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Enterprise Gateway (EG) is a Real-Time Asset Intelligence Management Solution that enables enterprise activities scheduled in resident enterprise solutions to be actively driven by real time production (operational) dynamics. Specifically, over the last decade, the solution has served more than 750,000 hours in the field to actively drive maintenance to enhance asset performance in real time.

Production Value

EG enables active improvement in availability and thereby converts maintenance actions into drivers of Production Performance. Normally critical assets are expected to be available 99.999% of the time. EG can be used to monitor, track and actively maintain the availability that is needed for Production by driving proactive actions in Maintenance.

Maintenance Value

EG drives unplanned maintenance costs down by at least 50% and planned maintenance costs by around 30% via proactive monitoring of critical assets. Also EG enables seamless integration of production and maintenance software systems and therefore can update run times and downtimes of machines in maintenance systems automatically in the enterprise asset management systems for triggering PM work orders.

Corporate Value

EG enables improvement in the Return on Production Assets. Also EG continuously and actively drives a reduction in the overall maintenance costs as a % of Replacement Asset Value.

EG addresses the Emerging Philosophical Shift