5G Automatika Press Release

5G Automatika Ltd., a Canadian software product company announced its new consulting practice in enterprise asset performance management. The company is known for its flagship product Enterprise Gateway that integrates production and maintenance systems to drive real time asset performance in manufacturing companies and utilities.

“We are taking advantage of an untapped potential”, said Dr. Ananth Seshan, Managing Director of 5G Automatika Ltd. He further went on to explain, “We have in our group more than 50 experienced domain experts in maintenance and asset management that we can leverage on to add further value to our customers.”

The company is embarking on a new consulting revenue stream that will augment its product revenue that, on its own, is expected to show an impressive 30% growth this year. “This is certainly going to make our growth numbers look even more attractive over the next three years”, said Dr. Seshan. The company is anticipating a CAGR of 40% over the next three years based on its current pipeline for the product and the supplemented income from this new service offering.


The new service offering to large manufacturing organization and utilities shall include implementing best practices in enterprise asset management systems, formulating workflows and establishing standard operating procedures for maintenance operations to higher level strategic consulting on maintenance policy, maintenance strategy, mobility, maintenance on the cloud and Reliability Excellence.

5G Automatika Ltd.

5G Automatika Ltd. is a niche player in Plant to Enterprise software solutions. The company has operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Its products enable integrated and real time actionable information flows between the production and business departments of a utility or a manufacturing enterprise in order to capitalize on the dynamically emerging opportunities for reducing losses or improving unit cost efficiencies.

For further info please email to [email protected] | www.5gautomatika.com