5G Automatika has announced its next release of Enterprise Gateway, version 2.9, to be generally available on March 16th 2015. “The 2.9 series will go beyond just being a real time operational integration of the plant and the enterprise. It will provide real time Asset Intelligence Management thereby enabling strategic and competitive advantage to our asset intensive utility and manufacturing customer base”, says Dr. Ananth Seshan, CEO & Managing Director of the company.

The first release of this version, EG 2.9.1, and the subsequent releases of this series planned later this year, are expected to provide real time value to customers at three different levels – integration of asset performance data from multiple, cross referenced & disparate sources, generation of actionable asset intelligence and predictive analysis of the asset intelligence to influence future asset behaviors. “While EG is well known for integration, it is the enhancements made in actionable asset intelligence and prognostics layers that differentiate this series from the previous ones”, observed Mr. Badri Narayanan, the Enterprise Gateway Product Manager.

Asset Intelligence Management (AIM) is an evolving technology that allows customers to extract more return on their production assets by converting raw asset data into actionable intelligence in real time. An aspect of such intelligence is real time “asset prognostics” which enables customers to predict and proactively influence future behaviors of assets under certain operating conditions. The Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Dennis Bernhard, summed it up - “It’s becoming more important than ever. Thus far, organizations have only viewed the benefits of data integration from an operations perspective. When Enterprise Gateway transforms the integrated data into integrated intelligence, asset value, leading to shareholder value, is enhanced. Our customers can now minimize risks and maximize opportunities based on proactive actions automatically generated as a result of the available intelligence in real time”.

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5G Automatika is a niche player in the Plant to Enterprise software solutions. Their flagship product Enterprise Gateway has clocked more than 500,000 hours amongst large manufacturers and utilities across 15 countries. The company has operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

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