5G Automatika opens operations in Mexico

5G Automatika Ltd., the provider of real time Asset Intelligence Management solutions to the manufacturing and utility industries is pleased to announce the recent opening of a new subsidiary in Mexico City, 5G Automatika de Mexico. This is a natural next step in our global expansion strategy, stated Mr. Dennis Bernhard, the Chief Strategy Officer of the Canadian parent. Dennis further explained, Mexico has demonstrated tremendous growth in the high end manufacturing sectors and has emerged as a top destination for countries such as Japan and even Canada to establish primary manufacturing operations. By establishing a local presence our company plans to take advantage of this potential and work with a global/ resident client base.

Mr. Guillermo Grimm the local partner and director of 5G Automatika de Mexico, was equally positive. The timing is right for 5G Automatika to introduce real time Asset Intelligence Management solutions, since, with the increasing demand manufacturers are challenged to control energy costs, equipment downtime costs and maximize utilization of their physical manufacturing assets.

The company plans to introduce two solutions to the Mexican market - the first is a real time solution for actively reducingenergy intensity which is a measure of the actual electricity consumed by production equipment for the production of one unit of the product. The second is 5G Automatika's flagship solution, Enterprise Gateway, which is a real time solution to proactively reduce unplanned equipment downtime through application of failure prevention rules. Both products have been well received in other markets - especially given their low cost of ownership and the immediate savings customers realize from their use. In addition the included mobility features in both offerings enables improved operational efficiencies.

Recognizing that Mexico is a high growth/low cost economy, the company has plans to introduce a cost-effective pricing strategy that is not capital intensive.Our competitive advantage will be in achieving cost leadership within the class of products that we offer to the Mexican market. We shall be adopting a subscription based pricing strategy that will allow our customers to scale incrementally and realize value without having to incur substantial initial capital costs. This will make our product highly competitive, concluded Dennis.